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US-7505253-B2: Retention mechanism for mobile monitors patent, US-7520114-B2: Mower with ground following cutting deck and weight transfer between deck and frame patent, US-7530812-B2: Three-dimensional dental training system patent, US-8019239-B2: Device and method for detecting life of organic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus patent, US-8476376-B2: Heat-curing powder-lacquer compositions yielding a matte surface after curing of the coating, as well as a simple method for production of same patent, US-7207756-B2: Seat mounting rail, particularly for a commercial aircraft patent, US-7448275-B1: Bi-planar process fluid pressure measurement system patent, US-7510344-B2: Joint structure of ball joint and arm patent, US-8011689-B2: Airbag apparatus for vehicles patent, US-8430936-B2: Stabilization of fatty oils and esters with alkyl phenol amine aldehyde condensates patent, US-7152458-B2: Nano-crystalline and/or metastable metal hydrides as hydrogen source for sensor calibration and self-testing patent, US-7780467-B2: Poke-in connector patent, US-8386872-B2: Method and apparatus for efficiently utilizing HARQ processes for semi-persistent and dynamic data transmissions patent, US-7214065-B2: System and methods of interactive training for recall and identification of objects in the real world patent, US-7228674-B2: Vacuum packaging machine patent, US-7890904-B2: Estimating jitter in a clock tree of a circuit and synthesizing a jitter-aware and skew-aware clock tree patent, US-8128693-B2: Intraocular lens system patent, US-8338146-B2: Method for producing optically active alcohols using an Azoarcus sp. EbN1 dehydrogenase patent, US-6916311-B2: Hypodermic needle guard patent, US-7412894-B2: Pressure sensing device incorporating pressure sensing chip in resin case patent, US-7929380-B2: Apparatus and method for generating a seismic source signal patent, US-7997017-B2: Wear assembly patent, US-8560180-B2: Velocity determination apparatus patent, US-7450293-B2: Electrochromic salts, solutions, and devices patent, US-7468435-B2: Polydiazeniumdiolated cyclic polyamines with polyphasic nitric oxide release and related compounds, compositions comprising same and methods of using same patent, US-7889735-B2: Method and apparatus for defending against denial of service attacks in IP networks based on specified source/destination IP address pairs patent, US-8264111-B2: Generator rotor bearing preload method and apparatus patent, US-8441271-B2: Contactor and method of production of contactor patent, US-7515165-B2: Laser power calibration in an optical disc drive patent, US-7569687-B2: Processes for the synthesis of rocuronium bromide patent, US-7322133-B2: Multi-shank ripper patent, US-7971275-B2: Cut resistant damage tolerant chemical and liquid protective glove with enhanced wet and dry grip patent, US-8069738-B2: Probe patent, US-8147045-B2: Liquid applicator and liquid supply method to be used in liquid applicator patent, US-8193309-B2: Compositions and methods for preventing or treating cancer patent, US-7783122-B2: Banding and streak detection using customer documents patent, US-7979061-B2: Handset personalisation patent, US-8269067-B2: Slow-maturing, determinate peas patent, US-6811906-B2: Method and apparatus for monitoring equivalent series resistance and for shunting a fuel cell patent, US-8405457-B2: Amplitude-stabilized odd order pre-distortion circuit patent, US-8408632-B2: Bumper reinforcement member patent, US-7458571-B2: Sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus patent, US-8086938-B2: Method for processing noise interference patent, US-8212035-B2: Process for preparation of rosuvastatin calcium field of the invention patent, US-8441156-B2: Electrically conductive module patent, US-7611015-B2: Electrical connector assembly with protecting member patent, US-8074470-B2: Sorption cooling element with regulator organ and additional heat source patent, US-7489613-B2: Recording method and media having marks and spaces with lengths defined by a predetermined modulation method patent, US-8126238-B2: Method and system for automatically identifying and displaying vessel plaque views patent, US-8348730-B2: Butchering processes for meat products patent, US-7310771-B2: Method and computer-readable medium for providing page and table formatting services patent, US-8262556-B2: Magnetic pulsing system for inducing electric currents in a human body patent, US-8051077-B2: Geo-trip notes patent, US-7526810-B2: Method and system to verify data received, at a server system, for access and/or publication via the server system patent, US-7504756-B2: High strength induction machine, rotor, rotor cage end ring and bar joint, rotor end ring, and related methods patent, US-7882718-B2: Roll-former apparatus with rapid-adjust sweep box patent, US-8073625-B2: Method for combining seismic data sets patent, US-8323325-B2: Balloon with wings for rotational stent patent, US-7014621-B2: Ankle brace patent, US-8016596-B2: Literacy system patent, US-8163900-B2: Seven-membered heterocyclic carbenes and their metal complexes patent, US-7183998-B2: Micro-helix antenna and methods for making same patent, US-7240924-B2: Multilevel load limiting retractor with dual shifting mode patent, US-7557196-B2: hGC-1, a gene encoding a member of the olfactomedin-related protein family patent, US-7583751-B1: LDPC encoder method thereof patent, US-7865417-B2: Method and system for administering a discounted security patent, US-8177288-B2: Motor vehicle patent, US-8526789-B2: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion patent, US-7336462-B2: Alternator and starter tester protection apparatus and method patent, US-7891507-B2: Storage rack decking derived from a single sheet of sheet metal patent, US-8160721-B2: Implantable lead with flexible tip features patent, US-8504474-B2: Consolidated payment account system and method patent, US-7350848-B2: Noise isolation sheet patent, US-7752970-B2: Networked electronic ordnance system patent, US-8559785-B2: Clip for a fiber optic assembly patent, US-6978177-B1: Method and apparatus for using atrial discrimination algorithms to determine optimal pacing therapy and therapy timing patent, US-7602404-B1: Method and apparatus for image assisted modeling of three-dimensional scenes patent, US-8324276-B2: Fatty acid composition for treatment of alzheimer's disease and cognitive dysfunction patent, US-6839748-B1: Synchronous task scheduler for corba gateway patent, US-6772848-B2: Superabrasive cutters with arcuate table-to-substrate interfaces and drill bits so equipped patent, US-8108030-B2: Method and apparatus to identify vulnerable plaques with thermal wave imaging of heated nanoparticles patent, US-8378645-B2: Method for monitoring an electrodynamic machine patent, US-2012316264-A1: Method of manufacturing organic montmorillonite patent, US-7702257-B2: Image forming apparatus with image bearing member having a lubricant patent, US-8436026-B2: Endogeneous repair factor production promoters patent, US-8484130-B2: System and method for a flexible device-based rating engine patent, US-7790878-B2: RNAi modulation of RSV, PIV and other respiratory viruses and uses thereof patent, US-8255625-B2: Method and system for placement of data on a storage device patent, US-7485124-B2: Surgical instrument having a fastener delivery mechanism patent, US-8328872-B2: Intervertebral fusion implant patent, US-8166560-B2: Remote administration of computer access settings patent, US-7733891-B2: Methods and apparatus to support dynamic allocation of traffic management resources in a network element patent, US-7025107-B2: One-way tensioning mechanism for cordless blind patent, US-8537772-B2: Transmitter quieting during spectrum sensing patent, US-7457025-B2: Polarizing, photochromic devices and methods of making the same patent, US-8012217-B2: Talar implants and methods of use patent, US-7807125-B2: Calcium carbonate granulation patent, US-8532178-B2: Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal with inter-view reference picture list construction patent, US-8162969-B2: Intragastric device patent, US-7711252-B2: Image processing system and camera patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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